Let our quality vintage wheels transport you in style on your big day!

We specialise in bridal hires and are the default choice since 2011 because
(1) our large fleet is based in Singapore, ie. ready and immediate backups so you
won't risk being without a vintage car for your wedding
(2) our fleet is top-notch, maintained by full-time passionate motorheads who also love to drive for you
(3) we provide a full-time service and own most of our fleet (beware aggregator of vehicles belonging to others)
(4) you can grow old with your bridal car as the years go by, even ferry your kids! Just drop by to visit us!
(5) we're a brand that stands for quality and trust.

Visit us at the hippiest lane in Singapore to see for yourself!


Our service usually comes in 3 standard packages:
1) 4 hours     2) 8 hours     3) Bespoke package

Weddings & Shoots Enquiry

Rides > Services> Weddings & Shoots
  • We start the clock from reporting time till we are able to leave your service. If you wish to customise your own package, feel free to let our friendly team know the details; we're more than willing to help!

  • Please also check out the other services we offer including the Kombi Photo Booth, Popup Kombi and Kombi Rocks Diner catering services.

    Do contact us and let us clear your doubts!

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